Tender Chicken Breasts In White Wine Sauce

Here is an amazingly tasty chicken breast recipe to achieve tender and succulent chicken breasts perfectly cooked in white wine sauce.

The secret is in the herbs and the addition of whole pickling onions. You’ll need around 15 to 20 of these.

pickling onions

The whole dish takes only 30 minutes to cook and it is my husband’s favorite dinner. It is light because I don’t use any cream.

You can serve it with garlic bread which is our favorite side dish or with rice.

I will include the recipe for my simple garlic bread in the recipe card. Here is also a very short instruction video to watch.

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chicken breast with flour
chicken breast dusted with flour

It is important to cut the surface of the chicken breast crosswise, season it with salt and pepper, and finally dust it with some all-purpose flour.

The flour will help to thicken the sauce later on.

Peel and crush a couple of garlic cloves and chop up some fresh parsley. You will also need either fresh or dried thyme.

chicken breasts in wine sauce
The finished dish

For the white wine, I have used a Sauvignon Blanc which I also serve later to go with our beautiful tasty chicken breasts and garlic bread on the side.

The chicken breasts are being pan-fried first in olive oil until golden brown. Once you turn the chicken breast, you can add the herbs, onion, garlic, and of course, the white wine.

Put the lid on and let it simmer for 30 minutes. All done!

chicken breast in wine sauce
Chicken breasts served with garlic bread

We do love this simple yet so tasty dish, especially in the summertime when you only want a light dinner, nothing too hearty or heavy.

Enjoy with a chilled glass of your favorite white wine and maybe with a little salad on the side.

Don’t forget the crispy garlic bread to dunk up all of the delicious sauce.

Please let me know how you like the dish in the comment section below.

Tender Chicken Breast In White Wine Sauce

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