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Welcome To My Review/Food Blog “Best Waffle Makers & More”


my name is Jane, and I’m the proud owner of this website.

I started this site back in 2017 for everyone who is just as enthusiastic as my family and I are about waffles and, even more importantly, waffle makers that produce scrumptious, delectable, and divine Belgian or good ol’ Classic waffles.

Over time, I have written many reviews not only about waffle makers but also about other small kitchen appliances.

From A Review Blog To A Food Blog

Recently, I have changed my focus from just being a blog that features reviews to becoming a food blog.

I do love cooking and have now started to create videos of how to cook my favorite dishes. As a busy mum of three, dinner time can be hectic. So I am sharing quick and budget-friendly dishes which are usually ready in around 30 minutes.

Because of my German heritage, I am also sharing some authentic German recipes as well.

Read more about me here.

My Most Popular Review Posts

From Waffle Makers to Coffee Machines to Airfryers to Pasta Makers

My Recipes

From Classic Waffles, Authentic German Potato Salad, Trifle, and German Apple Cake with Streusel Topping

Here Is My YouTube Channel

Please Check It Out For More Easy-To-Make Recipes