Our Choice Of Waffle Irons That Make Thin Waffles

Waffle Irons that make Thin Waffles

We all have heard of Belgian style waffles but what about the Classic style waffle? What about a waffle iron that makes thin waffles?

It seems that over 80% of waffle irons on the market are making thick Belgian style waffles with deep pockets.

But not everyone is a big fan of these type of waffles. The good news is that there are waffle makers available that bake thin, crispy waffles which you can load with maple syrup, fruit, ice cream and a thin layer of powdered sugar.

Some people still remember the traditional heart-shaped waffle irons our grandmothers used to have. I do!

Others have been to Norway and got a taste of the delicious thin Norwegian waffles on their vacation.

In my review, I am going to introduce two waffle irons that make exactly these thin, heart-shaped waffles many of us are craving.

Both waffle irons have received positive reviews on Amazon and are amongst the bestsellers.

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Reviews For Waffle Makers That Make Thin Waffles

Chef’s Choice 840 Waffle Pro Express

Chef's choice 840 waffle pro expressThe Chef’s Choice waffle iron features a traditional five-of-hearts waffle plate. With its unique ‘floating’ plate, you’ll get an evenly cooked waffle every time.

The plates are cast aluminum with a nonstick (Teflon) coating. The preheating time of around four minutes is reasonable and getting the waffle baked in around 90 seconds is ultra fast.

The Chef’s Choice waffle maker offers everything I am looking for in a great waffle iron:

  • Various temperature settings
  • An audible alert when the waffle is cooked
  • A ‘ready’ light, when the waffle iron is hot enough
  • It even has a switch for two baking modes: deep-bake mode and ‘crisp exterior/moist interior’ setting
  • An overflow channel for easy cleaning (similar to the Breville waffle maker)
  • Upright storage with cord wrap
  • A 1-year-limited warranty

What Are The Cons

Most customers, who weren’t a hundred percent happy with the product, complained that the waffles were too thin. Some expected to get the thickness of a Belgian style waffle.

It really is important to make sure to order the right waffle maker. Which means a waffle maker that makes waffle the way you like it.

Sometimes it is hard to find the best product description. But proper research will prevent disappointment.

Some customers would have preferred slightly thicker waffles like the classic/regular waffles.

Our top choices regarding Classic (or American) waffles are The Breville No Mess Classic Waffle Maker as well as The All Clad Waffle Maker.

Overall, the Chef’s Choice Pro Express waffle iron is a heavy-duty appliance that won’t disappoint you if you like thin, heart-shaped waffles. It’s ideal for a Norwegian-style breakfast.

The Chef’s Choice 840 pro Express heats up quickly and cleaning up is easy thanks to the overflow channel. The 1-year warranty speaks for the quality of this baking appliance.

Euro Cuisine WM 250 Eco-Friendly Waffle Maker

The EuroCuisine waffle iron is another great option for people who love thin, Norwegian-style waffles.

It is also a great choice for people who are looking for a waffle maker that is free of PTFE and PFOA. In other words, the Euro Cuisine is free of Teflon.

For more choices of waffle makers without Teflon, please read more here.

This waffle iron features a ‘ready’ light and temperature control but no audible alert.

The waffles are cooked in around 3 to 5 minutes. The Euro Cuisine waffle iron is compact and doesn’t take much counter space.

You can store it horizontally which is ideal for smaller kitchens.

What Are The Cons

Some customers have noticed that the exterior gets very hot so you have to be extra cautious when making waffles.

It is also important to watch out for steam when opening the waffle iron. I have noticed it with similar build waffle irons that steam can come out occasionally.

Tip: As a general thumb of rule, once the waffle is cooked properly, there should be no steam coming out of the waffle iron.

Overall, the Euro Cuisine waffle maker is a solid waffle iron which is free of nasty chemicals. It makes yummy, thin, crispy waffles perfect for your next Sunday breakfast.


If you are a fan of thin waffles and still remember the good old heart-shaped waffle iron from your grandmother then these two waffle irons are great options for you.

For more waffle maker options and choices, please read our ultimate buying guide  To The Best Waffle Makers. 

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