The All Clad Waffle Maker Review – Is It Worth The Money?

The All Clad Classic Waffle Maker

The All Clad Waffle Maker, either round or square-shaped, costs reasonably more than your average waffle maker who is at around the $50 price mark.

It is time to have a closer look at this classy and stylish looking waffle maker. Is it worth the price tag of over $100?

Let’s check it out.

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All Clad Waffle Maker Round
  • Easy To Clean
  • Easy To Use
  • Durability


The All Clad Waffle Maker is a stylish looking kitchen appliance that makes cooking American style waffles a breeze.

The All Clad Waffle Maker  99012GT Review

Before we get into more detail about the All Clad Waffle Makers performance, we check out the technical details out first.

Some Technical Details

The All-Clad bakes 6.5 ” and 1/2″ thick American Style waffles in just a few minutes.  It runs on 120V and 800w.

With over 6 pounds it is quite robust and stands firm on your bench.

As mentioned before it is a very stylish looking appliance with a stainless steel housing. To make things easier, especially on storage space, then All-Clad has a locking latch for vertical storage.

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We do like two features: the die-cast handle that stays cool to the touch and the special steam release system.

With other waffle makers, we have experienced some steam coming out when opening the waffle maker which nearly caused a burned hand.

So we find the steam release system not only perfect for nice crispy waffles but also for safety reasons.

The cooking surface is non-stick and is most likely Teflon. We couldn’t find any exact specifications about the non-stick material.

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The All-Clad features a red indicator light plus an audible signal when the waffles are cooked. Seven browning settings are allowing you to choose from light to dark brown waffles.

How About The Waffles?

Most users have been raving about the quality of the waffles. No matter if you use a pre-made mix or a homemade one – the waffles are cooked evenly.

The All-Clad waffle machine is perfect for lovers of the thin Classic Style waffles. Waffle makers who are making these kinds of waffles are rare to find nowadays.

What Are The Pros And Cons

Here Are The Pros In A Nutshell

  • Stylish looking and solid
  • Easy to clean and intuitive to use.
  • Non-stick cooking surface.
  • Stand-up option for easy storage

What Are The Cons

  • Some users have complained about uneven cooked waffles and waffles sticking to the plates.
    Our tip: always put a splash of oil into the batter. The oil usually prevents the waffle from sticking.
  • A couple of customers found this appliance not durable.
    Our tip: if you experience any difficulties get in touch with All-Clads customer service as soon as possible.


All-Clad offers a limited 2-years warranty on electrical appliances. Read more on their website.

Our Verdict

The All-Clad 99012GT Waffle Maker is a durable and classy looking appliance that produces nice thin crispy American style waffles.

It features a steam release system, seven browning settings, and an audible alert.

Is it worth the money?  All-Clad is a well-known American brand that produces high-quality cookware and electrical appliances.

If you want to spend the extra money on the All-Clad depends on what you are looking for in a waffle maker.

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