Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews 2023

The world of coffee makers is so big that it is hard to find out what is best suited for your coffee drinking habits and personal preferences.

Even when you are looking for the best single serve coffee maker – it can be overwhelming to decide on the best product for you and your families needs.

Our post on the best single-serve coffee maker reviews focuses on coffee makers that cost less than $100. So you won’t find a Keurig coffee maker in our detailed review post.

We do love coffee makers that have different functions and give you options like whether or not you would like to use ground coffee for your morning or afternoon caffeine fix or if you instead use k-cup pods for more convenience.

Whether you like to use an electric or manual coffee maker; either way, we have got you covered.

Why Should You Invest In A Single Serve Coffee Maker

Most single serve coffee maker appliances have a small footprint and take up only a tiny space on your countertop.

If you are the only one in your family that drinks coffee, like me, it is more economical to have a small coffee maker, and less coffee goes to waste.

The same applies to your office space or even when you are traveling. Some of our favorite coffee makers will fit in your suitcase or RV. So you never miss out on an aromatic brew wherever you go.

Plus, who wants to spend hundreds of dollars a year at the coffee shop? With our top choices of single serve coffee makers, there is no need spend a fortune at Starbucks or anywhere else.

Even though we mostly reviewed automatic single serve coffee makers, we have also included a manual coffee brewer as well as a 2-1 unit that brews single cups and a twelve-cup carafe.

Nothing beats the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning so let’s get started.

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Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews 2023

Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker 

Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee MakerThe Hamilton Beach single-serve scoop coffee maker is without a doubt one of the bestsellers on Amazon with over 3600 items.

It comes as no surprise because the Hamilton Beach not only features a high-quality stainless steel construction but also accommodates two different sized mugs; a smaller 8 oz coffee mug and a taller 14 oz travel mug.

Just use the built-in stand for coffee mugs to bring it up closer to the nozzle. How clever is that!

According to Hamilton Beach the brewing time for a coffee mug is 90 seconds and for a 14 oz travel mug two and a half minutes.

We do love the option of choosing two brewing settings. The regular setup is for standard ground coffee and the BOLD setting for fine grinds, decaf coffee or stronger flavored coffees.

The reusable steel-mesh scoop filter has two measuring lines to take out the guesswork of estimating the right amount of ground coffee.

We also like the wide drip tray and the automatic shut off feature after brewing is finished.

Some customers have found that the coffee doesn’t taste very strong and is not hot enough.

Overall, the Hamilton Beach single-serve scoop coffee maker is the perfect choice for any person who loves a freshly brewed caffeine fix in the morning. It is also great for the office due to the small size.

BLACK+DECKER Brew’n Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug  

BLACK+DECKER Brew'n Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel MugThr Black+Decker Brew’N Go comes complete with a 15 oz travel mug and a removable holding basket.

It brews ground coffee, and it is even compatible with pre-packaged soft pods. So whatever your preference is, B+D has you covered.

The stainless travel mug fits most cup holders and has a convenient rubber grip for safe handling.

The Brew’N Go is simple to operate; use the travel mug to measure the water and fill it into the water reservoir, put ground coffee into the filter, and press the button. Your coffee should be ready in around 4 minutes.

For peace of mind, the unit shuts off automatically.

The B+D  is ideal for small kitchens and office spaces.

Some customers had some issues with the power button that stopped working after a while. Fortunately, B+D offers a one-year warranty on defects.

AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker 

AdirChef Grab N' Go Personal Coffee MakerThe Adir personal coffee maker is available in six attractive colors that would suit any kitchen style or office space.

With over 1200 sold items and consistently positive reviews, the AdirChef Grab’n Go is one of the bestsellers on Amazons for single-serve electric coffee makers for ground coffee.

The features for this stylish coffee maker include a 15 oz stainless steel travel mug with a rubber grip, a reusable filter, a holding basket.

The unit also shuts off automatically once the coffee is brewed. Perfect!

The removable items are easy to clean – just pop them in the dishwasher.

Your freshly brewed coffee is ready to go in around three minutes. There are also additional travel mugs available on Amazon.

Some customers noticed that it is hard to see if the power light is on or not and have found the coffee a bit weak. Also, the power button is sometimes hard to use.

Overall, the AdirChef is a simple single serve coffee maker that is compact and fits into small spaces like dorms, offices, and tiny kitchens.

Vremi Single Cup Coffee Maker 

Vremi Single Cup Coffee MakerThe Vremi single cup coffee maker works like an electric drip coffee maker. It comes complete with a 14 oz traveling mug, a reusable permanent filter strainer, and a holding basket.

The coffee brews directly into the stainless steel travel mug that features a rubber grip for safe holding; perfect for people on the go.

You can also use a normal coffee mug instead of a travel mug.

We do like the on/off power save feature, the auto shut off for peace of mind, and that the plastic exterior is BPA free.

Please note, this unit is not suitable for plastic pods only ground coffee.

Some customers on Amazon noticed that the switch seems a bit cheap. Also, the travel mug doesn’t keep the coffee hot for longer than an hour.

The removable parts like filter, travel mug and holding basket need to be hand washed. They are not dishwasher safe.

All in all, this sleek and stylish looking coffee maker is ideal for small kitchens, dorm room or office.

An aromatic coffee is ready for you to enjoy in under three minutes.

The Vremi single cup coffee maker is great for people who prefer ground coffee rather than plastic pods. It comes with a low price tag for under $20.

CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for K Cups

CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for K CupsThe Chulux coffee maker is designed to brew K-Cup capsules with the press of a button.

It is available in five different colors which are great for people who love using matching kitchen appliances with their kitchen designs.

The Chulux is very simple to use; just pop the pod into the holding basket and push the button. Your coffee should be ready in around three minutes.

We do like the removable drip tray and water reservoir. It makes cleaning so much easier.

The water tank holds 12 oz of water, enough for a good sized coffee mug.

This compact unit takes little counter space and is easy to pack away.

For people who don’t like to buy K-Cup pods all the time, they can also use reusable pods for their own choice of ground coffee. It saves a lot of money and is better for the environment.

The Chulux Single Serve Coffee Maker comes with a one-year warranty.

Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System 

Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve SystemThe Ninja single serve coffee bar is one of our favorite coffee maker units.

First up, it is only suitable for ground coffee, but it gives you four different sizes from a 4 oz cup, 8 oz cup, a travel mug, and multi-serve.

There is a popout shelf for shorter mugs to prevent spilling.

You can also choose from different brewing types like classic, over ice, or coffee forte.

Make your favorite coffee specialty with the frother that can froth hot or cold milk. Please be aware that the frother doesn’t heat up the milk. You need to do this before using the frother.

The Ninja coffee bar features an Auto-iQ-one touch intelligence system which means the machine draws the right amount of water from the reservoir based on the brew size and brew type you have chosen.

Some customers on Amazon weren’t too sure if you can use the coffee maker for making Espresso. The clear answer is NO; it’s not an Espresso machine.

A few customers don’t fancy the plastic exterior and have also noticed that the Ninja coffee bar needs a lot of cleaning by using the cleaning cycle.

Overall, the Ninja single serve coffee bar gives you lots of options for various specialty coffees. For under $100 it is fantastic value for money.

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker Aerobie Aero Press coffee and Espresso maker

 The Aerobie AeroPress coffee and espresso maker is one of a kind. Its unique design is simple yet so efficient in making an American style coffee or an espresso-style shot.

No need to invest hundreds of dollars in an expensive espresso maker if you don’t mind to use a bit of muscle power.

Simply put the filter into the bottom part, add your (freshly) ground coffee, and pour over the hot water. Put the top piece on (just like in a plunger) which seals the brew and wait for around two minutes. Take the top part of, give the coffee mixture a bit of a stir, put the lid on and gently press it down directly into your favorite coffee or travel mug.

È voila, your aromatic, smooth espresso or classic coffee is done.

Now you can add some milk, sugar, and even some flavored syrup. It is so easy to froth the milk with a handheld milk foam maker.

The AeroPress coffee and espresso maker is the best inexpensive way to make a delicious espresso. If you are a  coffee aficionado, you’ll want to use freshly grind the beans just before brewing them.

The AeroPress is perfect for home, the office, camping, and traveling.

Pour Over Coffee Maker For Perfect Hand Drip Coffee 1-2 Cup 

Pour Over Coffee Maker For Perfect Hand Drip Coffee 1-2 CupThis stylish pour over hand drip manual coffee maker by CoffeeGator is for coffee lovers who like hand-brewed coffee the traditional way.

The aromatic smell of coffee beans when you pour the hot water over freshly ground coffee is just irresistible.

The 10 oz big glass carafe, made from borosilicate glass which is thermal shock resistant, holds enough coffee for one or even two coffee mugs.

We do love the simple yet stylish design with the black collar for easy handling.

The reusable steel cone filter is easy to clean, just rinse with warm water.

This high-quality manual coffee maker comes with a free ebook about how to brew the best coffee plus a 100% money-back guarantee.

Hamilton Beach 49976 Flex brew 2-Way Brewer 

Hamilton Beach 49976 Flex brew 2-Way BrewerLast but not least here is a powerful 2-in-1 coffee maker that accommodates the need for one single cup of coffee or a 12-cup glass carafe to make more coffee for guests or a few family members.

The Hamilton Beach 49976 Flex Brew caters for K-cup pod lovers (only the single serve) and the people who prefer ground coffee.

We love that the water reservoirs on both sides are separate and have their own display.

The single-serve side is adjustable for large travel mugs or regular sized coffee mugs. You can choose from regular or bold strength coffee and use the k-cup holder or the reusable filter to hold the ground coffee.

The carafe side offers a programmable timer so you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee straight away in the morning.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind. This coffee maker needs quite a bit of counter space. It is 14″ tall so requires an open space above to fill up the water tank.

Also, you can only use one side at a time.

The k-cup pod option only applies to the single-serve side.

Overall, the Hamilton Beach Flex Brew is a versatile 2-in-1 coffee maker that will suit a large family and makes a lovely aromatic coffee.


We do hope you have found your own personal coffee maker that will best suit your lifestyle.

Whether you are a coffee aficionado or love your favorite American style coffee straight into your travel mug on the way to work; we are confident that our best single serve coffee maker reviews got you covered.

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