Waring Pro Double Belgian Waffle Maker Review

The Waring Pro WM600 waffle maker review

Waring is a well-known American brand that has been producing high-quality kitchen appliances for over 70 years.

You may know that Fred Waring introduced the first blender in America in 1937 and the brand has been popular ever since.

The Waring Pro series reflects a customer-oriented product range that consists of various appliances to cookware tops, a novelty collection, and of course, waffle makers. 🙂

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The Waring WMK 600 makes beautiful Belgian Waffles and is perfect if you need to feed a crowd.

Why? Because you can make two large waffles at the same time.

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Waring WMK 600
  • Easy To Clean
  • Easy To Use
  • Durability


The Waring Pro is the ideal waffle machine for Belgian Waffles. Feed the crowd with baking two waffles at the same time. Get The Waring Pro On Amazon

Waring WMK 600 Double Belgian Waffle Maker Review

The Waring WMK 600 is one of the bestsellers on Amazon with over 2000 sold items and an average rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon. That is a fantastic result.

What Makes This Waffle Iron So Popular?

First up, the Waring Pro is a rotating waffle machine that can make two Belgian Waffles at the same time and in restaurant quality.

Secondly, besides two LED lights, one for ‘heating up’ and one for ‘ready to bake’, it also features an audible alert when the waffles are baked.

Thirdly, the plates are nonstick and easy to clean. There is also a know to control the browning of the waffle from light to dark.

Some Technical Details

The Waring Pro needs a bit of counter space with a size of 9″ x 9.8″x 15″ and a weight of 10 lbs. The waffles are large with 7″ in diameter and a thickness of 1″.

The waffle iron is powerful with 1400 W which is needed to make two waffles, right?

In roughly three minutes your waffle is ready to eat.

How It Works

Some people are not too sure how a rotating waffle maker works. It is similar to a normal one.

Wait for the red light to go off and pour the batter into the top waffle plates. Close the lid and rotate once (arrows show the direction). Open the other half, pour the batter, close the lid and rotate again. Wait for the ‘beep’ and take the waffles out. Done!

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The rotating motion ensures that the waffle batter gets spread out evenly.

When you finished, turn the waffle iron off and wait for it to cool down. Simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

What Are The Pros And Cons?

Here are the pros in a nutshell

  • Heats up quickly and waffles are ready in three minutes.
  • A one-year limited warranty.
  • It has an audible alert.
  • It is rotating and makes two (!) waffles.
  • Stylish design.

What are the cons

  • It needs a good counter space.
  • Some users found it didn’t last long. Tip: If you experience any difficulties, get in touch with customer service as soon as possible.
  • Some had problems with waffles sticking to the grid.
  • The material is plastic.
  • It is quite a pricey product.

Our Verdict

The Waring Pro WMK 600 is a quality product that produces two delicious Belgian waffles at once and is perfect to feed a big family. No more waiting for hungry impatient children. 🙂

We must admit that they are a few flaws that may a deal breaker for some. Overall it makes perfect Belgian Waffles every time.

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