Rustic Homemade Potato Bread Recipe

The smell of homemade freshly baked bread is just irresistible. It makes me feel excited and reminds me of my childhood at the same time.

This recipe of our homemade potato bread, Focaccia style, is an absolute winner. In fact, you won’t want to buy bread from the shop anymore.

This potato bread recipe is based on a recipe by Annabel Langbein who is well-known here in New Zealand for her cookbooks and great TV show that aired a few years back.

You can find some of her amazing cookbooks on Amazon filled with mouthwatering easy-to-make recipes.

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The recipe is straightforward and easy to make. The mashed potatoes help to make the bread soft on the inside with a nice chewy crust on the outside.

You can use leftover mashed potatoes or make a fresh batch which shouldn’t take too long.

potato bread

Best of all, with this recipe, you can make so many different bread styles with this dough like a loaf of crusty flatbread, focaccia-style bread, and, of course, my kids’ favorite food: the most delicious pizza pie.

This homemade potato bread recipe is enough to make one large focaccia-style bread.

If you have a smaller family, you can even put half of the dough in the freezer for later use.

potato bread crust
Look at the crust!!!

As mentioned earlier, you will need mashed potatoes for this recipe. You can either prepare a fresh batch of mashed potatoes or just use any leftovers you may have from dinner the night before.

I do love to serve this tasty potato bread with our yummy corn fritters, vegetarian lasagna (recipe still to come), or with a simple pasta dish.

Recipe For A Rustic Homemade Potato Bread

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