Our Easy No-Knead Sourdough Bread

The smell of freshly baked bread is just irresistible. Especially bread that has been lovingly made with a sourdough starter.

It really is the simple pleasures in life that make me feel happy. One of these is a slice of our easy no-knead sourdough bread, some butter, and a sprinkle of salt. Pure heaven!

sourdough bread with salt and butter

So, please follow along with this recipe, where I share with you how you can enjoy rustic homemade sourdough bread in no time.

Most people feel a bit intimidated when it comes to baking with a sourdough starter. I know the feeling because for years I have been searching through countless YouTube videos to find the best sourdough bread recipe.

By trying many out, I have finally figured out my own way of doing the bread. I promise you, it is easy, beginner-friendly, and I won’t use any complicated terms, promise.

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I have used slices of our homemade sourdough bread in our popular Breakfast Eggs In A Hole recipe. What a difference it makes.

breakfast eggs in a hole
sourdough bread used for breakfast eggs in a hole

Because the dough for sourdough bread needs quite a long time to rise, I usually make my bread on the weekend. I put the dough on in the morning and it is ready to be baked by late afternoon.

The Stretching/Folding Method

Every hour or so, I am working the dough by using the stretching-folding method. You can watch the video here.

What that means is, that you pull a part of the dough up (stretching) and fold it down. You go clockwise (best to rotate the bowl) so you may stretch and fold the dough 5 to 6 times.

You need to have a small bowl with water next to you, so you can wet your hands while you are working the dough.

That will help your hands not to stick to the dough.

Why should you stretch and fold the dough, you may ask?

By stretching and folding, the gluten in the flour will get activated. The dough will become easier to work with and as an end result, the bread will be light and airy inside.

It is basically a gentle way of improving the quality of your sourdough bread.

Without further ado, get your sourdough starter ready, get the flour out, some water, and salt and let’s get baking.

Our Easy No-Knead Sourdough Bread

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