Find The Best Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

We understand that coffee lovers always want the best coffee fix to have a great start to the day.

Espresso is one of the most popular yet challenging brews to get right and the choices of an automatic espresso coffee machine can be overwhelming.

Our review post of the best automatic espresso coffee machine is designed to help you to find an espresso maker that is best suited for your needs.

Most of us do not always have access to our favorite coffee shop so an espresso coffee maker may be just what you are looking for.

Plus, even though the initial investment for an automatic espresso coffee maker may be high, it will save you money in the long term.

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In this review, we give you our top choices for the best automatic espresso coffee machines so you can have barista-style coffee at the comfort of your home.

These machines are useful for both amateurs and professional baristas and the best thing about these machines is just in a few clicks and touch, you can have your espresso or espresso-based drinks in no time.

Our five recommended automatic espresso machines fit our criteria for making an aromatic espresso without to much hassle.

For more important features you should look out for, please check out our buying guide at the end of this review.

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The Best Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine – Our Reviews

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine, BES870XL

 – The Best Automatic Espresso Machine Overall


Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine brews great tasting espresso by applying the right pressure during the extraction process.

Thanks to the digital temperature control (PDI) you have the assurance that no temperature fluctuation occurs during the brewing process.

Best of all, the Breville Barista Express features a conical burr grinder with dose control plus a grind size dial for your preferred beans.

The grind goes directly into the port filter where, all you need to do is, use the tamper to push the grind down. Perfect!

This espresso machine from Breville comes with a steam wand to produce cream-rich milk that is great for your latte and cappuccino fix.

The machine requires 1600 Watts to operate and makes up to two cups of espresso at a time.

Make sure you have enough counter space for this machine so it is convenient for you to use.

The machine comes with an impressive amount of accessories including single and dual wall filter baskets, a coffee scoop, a stainless steel milk jug, cleaning disc and tablets, cleaning tool, and a water filter with holder (just to name a few).

Therefore, you already have all the tools and materials to use to let your machine does its work.


This semi-automatic espresso machine from Breville is the most popular amongst our choices with over 2000 sold items on Amazon.

It also has a consistently high rating from Amazon customer. The Barista Express features proven heat and extraction technology that is needed to make a barista-style espresso .

The frother works perfectly for your latte and cappuccino fixe since it produces micro-foam milk. In saying that it may take some practice to get the milk consistency right.

After all, there is a bit of science involved in making a good espresso.


Please be aware o refill the water tank often. You need to check because there is no indicator to let you know when the tank is empty.

Some customers reported that when they experienced issues that it was hard to get hold of Breville’s customer service.


This machine from Breville is our choice for the best automatic espresso machine overall.

It makes great espresso every time because it is designed with proven technology for great espresso brewing. To top it all, it comes with a great milk frother so you also have the option to brew latte and cappuccino.

Breville is known for its high-quality kitchen appliances and the Barista Express is no exception.

It is by far one of the most popular machines amongst Amazon users with consistently high reviews.

Please Check The Price On Amazon

Jura 13626 Ena Micro 1 Automatic Coffee Machine


The Jura 13626 Ena Micro 1 Automatic Coffee Machine is a bean-to-cup machine built with a multi-level grinder.

It also features a pre-ground chamber if you already have your own ground bean ready for brewing. It operates at 15 bar pressure to give you a consistently great tasting espresso.

This machine is designed with a touch panel that allows you to program your brew to the strength you want and to the cup size of your choice.

This is one efficient machine with automatic energy-saving mode and patented zero-energy switch. It can also be programmed to switch off on its own.

The power consumption of this Jura coffee machine is 1450 Watts.

This machine has a built-in water tank with a capacity of 36.8 oz.

We do like the sophisticated and space-saving design making it a great addition to any countertop and kitchen style.

It can even accommodate taller travel mugs as high as 6 inches.

The Pros

This Jura automatic coffee machine is one great and efficient machine. So it comes at no surprise that this elegant espresso maker gets a consistently high rating from Amazon users.

It accommodates taller mugs and offers a coffee strength and cup size control. This coffee maker works efficiently with energy-saving and safety features.

It makes great espresso using consistent heat and optimal bar pressure.


This machine is relatively pricey with the highest price amongst our top recommend best espresso maker machines.

Lovers of frothed milk have to look elsewhere since this model has no built-in milk frother.


This Jura automatic coffee machine is an efficient machine and makes great espresso. Amazon users agree that this machine works perfectly and as a result, it gets consistently high ratings from users.

It is a great machine for users with taller mugs and for those who want an easy to use automatic espresso coffee machine.

The Jura espresso maker takes care of all the work from grinding your bean to making a great cup in just a few touches of its panel controls.

Please Check The Price On Amazon

Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine


Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Machine is designed with ceramic burr grinders with 5 settings that include very fine texture to suit espressos.

It has been said that ceramic burr grinders produce more consistent grind so even this machine’s grinder has fewer settings, it is properly compensated by the quality of the ground bean it produces.

It also features a pre-ground chamber so you can still brew using your ground beans without the need to deal with a doser. By the way, the bean hopper holds 8.8 oz of beans.

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The spout of this machine can accommodate up to 4.5 inches tall mugs. The strength control allows you to choose between espresso and Americano button with 2 cup sizes – one for espresso (not more than 1.5 oz) and the other for large cup where you have the option to choose between 3-8 oz volume.

The machine produces 15 bar pressure and makes use of rapid steam technology to serve you with a great tasting espresso all the time.

This machine is made with a water reservoir that is accessible in the front of the machine. It holds 40 oz of water.

The frother is a Pannarello wand and creates rich foam in your milk so you can create a great tasting cappuccino and latte as well.

The LED display in the user interface makes programming of this machine easy so even newbies won’t have any trouble to use it.

The Gaggia espresso coffee maker works with 1400 Watts power requirement and has a removable brew group for easy maintenance.

The Pros

The Gaggia Brera automatic espresso coffee machine is made with a durable and consistent grinder so the right setting for espresso ground is achieved every time.

The brewing system is also great at utilizing the right heat and pressure technology that an espresso requires. The design is especially convenient with user-friendly programming buttons and LED display.

The Cons

Some customers have found that the machine self cleans without warning and that the ‘add water’ alert shows late at times.


This Gaggia Brera automatic espresso machine is great for users that are looking for a bean-to-cup machine for their daily espresso fix.

The ceramic burr grinder is of great quality, the user interface is convenient and the brewing system works perfectly to give you a cup of legit espresso in no time.

Please Check The Price On Amazon

Nespresso Lattissima Pro Espresso Machine by DeLonghi


The Nespresso Lattissima Pro Espresso Machine is great for people who love to use the Nespresso Original Capsule. However, you have the option to use a similar refillable capsule that will fit in this machine as well for more flavors to choose from.

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The Nespresso by DeLonghi works using 19 bars of pressure, just the right number to draw the most consistent espresso brew.

The touch screen user interface with LED display is intuitive to use adds to the great aesthetics of this machine. And, programming is very easy every time you brew.

The machine is designed with an integrated milk carafe that dispenses milk at the levels of your choice so you can make great tasting latte and cappuccino.

The available controls include hot water, espresso, lungo, latte macchiato, cappuccino, ristretto, and warm milk. The spout height accommodates mugs as high as 5.75 inches and the water reservoir holds 44 oz of water.

There’s no waiting time in between cups so if you need to serve a lot of guests, you can do so continuously.

This machine from DeLonghi features a space-saving design to fit any countertops and is relatively lighter amongst our product choices.

It uses 1300 Watts of power, the least power rating amongst the machines of our choice.

This machine has an auto-clean system so maintenance is easy enough. Used capsule container can hold up to 15 capsules so it is more convenient and you don’t need to remove used capsules after each brew.

The Pros

It has wide choices of brew including espresso and an integrated milk system that works. It is intuitive to use and due to the use of capsules less mess to clean.

The design is sleek and the most space-saving and lightest machine of our recommended espresso coffee maker machines. It also requires the least power amongst the machines of our choice.

The Cons

Users are limited to using Nespresso capsules and similar pods.


This automatic coffee machine from DeLonghi is great for people who like a hands-off approach.

It does not only make great espresso but other coffee-based drinks that use frothed milk.

Please Check The Price On Amazon

DeLonghi ECAM22110SB Compact Automatic Cappuccino, Latte and Espresso Machine


This DeLonghi Automatic Espresso Machine is a bean-to-cup machine.

Its burr grinder is designed with 13 adjustable settings allowing you to get the right setting for espresso.

The bean hopper has 8.8 oz capacity just enough beans to make several cups of coffee.

If by any chance you own a better grinder, then you may opt to use the pre-ground chamber and skip the built-in grinder.

The spout height is adjustable to up to 5.5 inches.

This machine makes espresso at 15 bar pressure and a button for temperature and coffee strength control allowing you to adjust the settings at your pleasure.

This coffee machine remembers your setting so you can create a consistent cup to suit you every time. There is a recipe for single and double cup as well.

With this machine, you have the choice to brew not just a cup of espresso but cappuccino, latte, macchiato, and Americano as well.

The water tank is removable with 60 oz capacity, large enough to make several cups of aromatic espresso.

The Pros

This DeLonghi coffee machine is a bean-to-cup machine that makes great espresso. Its grinder has 13 adjustable settings and produces ground bean to make the right espresso brew.

It has the right controls for the temperature to suit the coffee strength and cup size. In fact, you can choose from five coffee strength settings and four cup size options.

The bar pressure is just right for espresso and the interface is easy to use. The milk frother works great for cappuccino and latte.

De Longhi even claims that the machine only requires half the cleaning time of other brands.

The Cons

Relatively heavier than our other machine choices. Also, there are complains about the consistency of the grinder in terms of the ground that it produces.

It is also pricier than the other espresso maker machines in this review post.


This DeLonghi automatic espresso machine produces great espresso with its patented direct-to-brew system.

The machine is easy to use and has a wide variety of programmable options.

De Longhi is  one of the brand leaders in coffee machines and is easy and safe to use for both for beginners and professional coffee machine users alike.

Please Check The Price On Amazon

Our Short Buying Guide

Here’s our short buying guide which will help you to understand certain features before choosing the best automatic coffee machine of your choice.


The best automatic espresso coffee machine may or may not include a grinder. If you do not have an existing grinder then those machines with built-in grinder will come in handy for you.

But, if you already have your best coffee grinder or if you prefer to use your own pre-packed coffee capsules, then you can choose espresso machines without the built-in grinder. This may also save you some cost.

Some automatic espresso machines though can have both the grinder and the chamber for ground coffee as well. This way, you have the option to use full beans or the ground ones.

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For machines with no grinder, the size of portafilters will matter. Standard portafilters can hold 16-22 grams of ground bean but if you want a larger and stronger shot then machines with larger portafilters will suit you better.

Bar Pressure

The pressure is vital in the workings of the best automatic espresso coffee machine.

It has been said that great tasting espresso operates on 15 bar pressure or higher but not too high to make the coffee bitter.

Our choice of the best automatic espresso machine operates at 15-19 bar pressure, just the right range to produce great tasting espresso.


Boilers are the heating element that brings water to the right temperature. Automatic espresso coffee machine can have built-in single or double boilers.

A single boiler is good enough to make great tasting espresso so long as the heat is consistent enough and does not fluctuate.

Digital temperature control is a feature that some of the best espresso machines have. This way the right water temperature is achieved which is essential for producing a great espresso brew.

Water Reservoir

The best automatic espresso machine is built with a water reservoir. Depending on how big your household is or on your preference you may want to look into your machine’s water reservoir capacity.

Material and Maintenance

Automatic espresso machines are not too big yet complicated machines and for them to work properly regular maintenance is needed.

Some machines have an auto-clean system or come with a step-by-step process in deep cleaning the machine to work at its full capacity.

The material composition of your machine can also determine its durability. Stainless steel material tends to last longer than plastics. So, you may also want to look into that.

Spout Height

The higher the spout, the more flexible it is for the machine to accommodate higher mugs. Our choices of the best automatic espresso machines have spout height up to 6 inches.

Cup Size

Although espresso brew means small cup size of up to 1.5 oz, you may also want to get a machine with a wide option of cup sizes and our choices for the best machine have both small and large cup size.


Most of the machines of our choice come with a milk frother. The frother feature is especially handy when you want to make cappuccino, latte, and macchiato.

Dimension and Weight

If you have limited space in your kitchen or workplace, you may want to check out the most space-saving machine amongst our recommended coffee makers.

The weight of the machine may also matter to you. The average weight of the machines of our choice is 17 pounds.

Power Consumption and Safety Features

Our choices of machine consume around 1300 Watts to 1700 Watts. This power usage is already high so eco mode and safety features could mean a lot to these machines.


Buying an automatic espresso coffee machine is somewhat an investment so choosing the best machine to suit your needs is necessary.

We hope that in our review and buying guide, you will get to maximize your money’s worth by choosing the right automatic espresso coffee machine.

Even though, the investment is quite high, in the long term it will save you money by not stopping at your favorite coffee shop every day.

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