21 Best Pressure Cooker Chicken Recipes To Try

Chicken is one of the most common poultry meat used in different cooking styles around the world.

If in some cultures, eating pork and beef is a taboo, chicken is by far accepted as food across different communities and cultures.

And what better way of cooking chicken than in a pressure cooker? Welcome to our comprehensive list of the best pressure cooker chicken recipes.

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Chicken is not only healthier than red meat because it is said to have less cholesterol and saturated fat but it is also more affordable. If you have to feed a large family like me then you know how important that is.

With this is in mind and with the rise of new generation pressure cookers that make cooking easier and faster, let us not forget trying some of the best chicken recipes that can be made more delicious and more nutritious with these magical machines.

In our recipe list, we have included some of the best chicken soup recipes, the most enticing chicken appetizer recipes, and the best chicken recipes for your main course.

We hope that just like we do, you can find new pressure cooker chicken recipes here. Because we understand that bringing good food to the table is not an always easy job.

This listing of the best pressure chicken recipes aims to help you add more variety in your cooking.

Best of all, you have endless choices and together with your pressure cooker, you will never run out of options.

21 Best Pressure Cooker Chicken Recipes

 Chicken Soup In A Pressure Cooker

 Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup

korean chicken soup

photo credit: ohmyfoodrecipes

Let us start our list with something extra nutritious and healthy with this Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup or Samgyetang. This food is popularly known by the locals as well as tourist foodies in South Korea. It is no surprise because this Korean style chicken soup is both delicious and will surely energize and make you feel good.

This soup makes use of ginseng that is considered as traditional herbal medicine and is often attributed to giving the benefits of boosting your energy and your immune system.

In addition to ginseng, this soup makes use of young chicken, glutinous rice, Chinese dates, chestnuts, ginger, and garlic.

In this dish, you will get to enjoy some nutritious soup and flavorful chicken meat in one sitting.

A detailed recipe of the Instant Pot version of this Korean soup is available here.

Pressure Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

tortilla soup

photo credit: kitschencat

This chicken tortilla soup is loaded with flavors that will make you crave for more. With your pressure cooker, you can have this flavorful soup ready in as fast as 20 minutes.

Top your soup with limes, sour cream/Greek yogurt, cilantro, green onion, avocado, and tortilla chips to have a full experience of this hearty soup.

You can check out this soup recipe from here.

And guess what, your kids and even the fussiest eater, will love this tasty, easy to cook dinner/lunch meal. Promise!

 Instant Pot Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

creamy chicken soup

photo credit: foodiecrush

Let us try something creamy and check this Creamy Chicken and Wild Soup recipe here.

Surprisingly, you don’t need to add cream for this.

All the ingredients you will need are milk, water, cornstarch, a small amount of cream cheese, and your main ingredients – chicken breast and wild rice.

With the addition of some vegetables and tasty flavors, you will surely can not get enough of this soup.

And as you probably know, the soup will taste even better the next day.

Appetizers Made In The Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker Chicken Wings

photo credit: thefoodieeats

Chicken wings are popular appetizers and the best way to make them tender is by cooking them in your pressure cooker/instant pot.

Here we give you the recipe for this dish with the perfect sauce that you will surely love. The finished product is a tender chicken wings dish that is layered with a sweet, spicy, and savory sauce.

To make the wings crispy, just finish them off under the grill. Yummy!

The detailed recipe is available at The Foodie Eats.

 Electric Pressure Cooker Chicken Sliders

chicken slider

photo credit: temeculablogs

This delicious chicken slider recipe needs only 5 ingredients: chicken breasts, Franks Red Hot sauce, Ranch dressing mix, Hawaiian rolls, and coleslaw.

Cook your chicken, add the sauce, program your electric pressure cooker, and your spicy appetizer will be ready in 25 minutes.

Serve it on Hawaiian roll and top it with coleslaw for everyone to devour.

This chicken appetizer recipe is available here.

Asian Chicken Nachos

chicken nachos

photo credit: lifemadesweeter

I don’t know about you but nachos are a regular item on our dinner menu. So this recipe can be served as an appetizer but also as a dinner meal.

Nachos are fun appetizers that you can top with meat and vegetables.

In this recipe, first, we need to cook our flavorful chicken. The preparation and cooking time totals  35 minutes using your electric pressure cooker.

We then make the sauce from buffalo sauce; Thai sweet chili sauce, honey, soy sauce, and red pepper chili flakes.

To serve, we top the Nachos with Cabbage slaw, cheese, pickled jalapenos, and cilantro leaves.

Find this delicious and enticing recipe here.

Main Course – Rice Dishes or Dishes Best Served with Rice

Instant Pot Korean Chicken Stew (Dak-jjim)

Let’s start our main course list with another delicious Korean dish. This time it is Korean Chicken Stew (Dak-jjim). You will need skinless chicken thighs for this one.

Chicken breasts can also be used but you need to reduce your cooking time setting in your pressure cooker. This chicken stew recipe has it all including vegetables, noodles, and a flavorful sauce.

In less than an hour, you can serve your family with this dish that is best served with rice.

You can check out the detailed recipe over here.

 Instant Pot Arroz Con Pollo

chicken paella

photo credit: feastingathome

If you are looking for a recipe with the complete make up of protein, vegetables, and grains then surely you would not want to miss this Instant Pot Arroz Con Pollo recipe.

This dish is similar to a Spanish paella minus the seafood.

Flavored with saffron and paprika, in 45-minute preparation and cooking time, this dish will surely deliver a taste of Spain to your home.

This recipe is available at Feasting At Home.

Instant Pot Bourbon Chicken

bourbon chicken

photo credit: ShugarySweets

Bourbon Chicken is said to have gotten its name after Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is also known to have originated from there.

This mouth-watering dish is made with sauce from Apple juice, Bourbon, soy sauce, brown sugar, ketchup, and many more.

Just by looking at these ingredients for the sauce, you can imagine how the end product will taste.

Surely, it will not be short of flavorful. This dish is best served with rice and only needs 20 minutes of cooking time with your electric pressure cooker.

This easy recipe is available here at ShugarySweets.

Instant Pot Teriyaki Chicken

instant pot teriyaki chicken

photo credit: WellPlated

Are you the type of person that has unforgettable food takeout experience from Asian restaurants?

Chances are that you have ordered or have tried teriyaki chicken before.

In this recipe, we give you the Instant Pot version of this popular takeout.

Why bother a takeout if you can easily prepare this dish and make it much healthier from the comforts of your home.

Main Course – Pasta/Noodles

Instant Pot Chicken Alfredo

chicken alfredo

Making pasta in your pressure cooker gives you the benefit of less mess cooking with only one pan to clean afterward.

This Instant Pot version of chicken Alfredo recipe that is available here gives you some instructions on how to make a healthier version of your chicken Alfredo by substituting the heavy whipping cream with evaporated or skim (fat-free) milk and reducing the amount of parmesan cheese.

Instant Pot Utica Chicken Riggies

chicken riggies

photo credit: AdventuresOfANurse

Chicken riggies is a dish cooked with chicken, rigatoni, and peppers in a spicy cream and tomato sauce.

This recipe we found for you over at AdventuresOfANurse is created by a native of Utica, New York where the dish has been known to have originated.

In her version of this dish she uses a mix of marinara sauce, Alfredo sauce, and Romano cheese.

This dish can be easily done in just 10 minutes.

Chicken Enchilada Pasta

chicken enchilada

photo credit: MeatloafAndMelodrama

This chicken enchilada pasta gives you a taste of Mexico in a pasta version.

You need mini penne pasta, chicken breast, enchilada sauce, heavy cream, cheddar cheese, and some spices to flavor this dish.

You are free to add your own toppings on this one with the author choosing avocados, tomatoes, sour cream, and crushed tortilla chips.

This fusion of Mexican and Italian dish recipe is available at MeatloafAndMelodrama.

Various Chicken Recipes

Easy Chicken Divan Recipe

chicken divan

photo credit: DevourDinner

Chicken divan is a chicken casserole dish cooked with chicken, broccoli, and Mornay sauce.

But, in this recipe that we found for you here, the author uses sour cream, mayonnaise plus cheddar cheese.

The author also prefers serving this meal with rice.

With your electric pressure cooker, this dish can be served in as fast as 24 minutes.

Instant Pot King Ranch Chicken

chicken casserole

photo credit: 365daysofcrockpot

King Ranch Chicken is a fusion of Mexican and American cuisine and is one of the food favorites in Texas.

It makes use of shredded chicken with Ro-Tel brand tomato sauce, cheese, corn tortillas, some flavors, and the usual spices.

This easy yet delicious recipe is doable in 30 minutes using your electric pressure cooker.

You can find the detailed recipe here.

Fall-off-the-Bone Pressure Cooker Chicken

whole chicken instant pot

photo credit: HealingGourmet

Pressure cookers truly make wonders in the whole chicken dish department in terms of cooking time race.

In this recipe of a whole chicken that is available at HealingGourmet, you can have your juicy and flavorful whole chicken ready in 30 minutes of cooking time.

Also, another best thing about this recipe is that you can get nutrient-rich gelatin when cooking this that you can use for your other dish.

Healthier Instant Pot Coq Au Vin

chicken in red wine

photo credit: HalfBakedHarvest

Let’s try this French classic made from chicken breast, bacon, tomato paste, red wine, onions, garlic and lots of herbs.

This is a healthier and easier take on this flavorful French dish because, with your electric pressure cooker, you can have it done in just 30 minutes.

Best served with mashed potatoes and some crusty bread, enjoy this delicious French food with a recipe that you can get from here.

Instant Pot Chicken a la King

Chicken a la King is a dish made from chicken and creamy sauce with mushrooms, sherry, and vegetables. With your electric pressure cooker, you can create a flavorful version of this dish in the shortest time.

This dish is best served with salad, pasta, rice, or some rolls.

This easy to prepare food recipe with your pressure cooker is available here.

 Chicken Vesuvio

chicken chicago

photo credit: WhatsCookinChicago

Chicken Vesuvio is popularly known to have originated in Chicago, USA but is actually a fusion of American and Italian cuisine.

It is a one-pot chicken dish that makes use of chicken thighs, potatoes, white wine, chicken broth, artichokes, some herbs, and various spices.

This Chicago specialty recipe with video is available here.

Coconut Tamarind Chicken Curry

chicken curry

photo credit: TwoSleevers

Chicken curry is an Indian delicacy that is also popularly known around the world.

We found this recipe at TwoSleevers for chicken curry inspired by the South Indian way of cooking that requires adding coconut and tamarind.

This recipe highlights the need for grinding your spices right before you cook as it will surely make a difference in the flavor.

Also, this recipe gives some tips on how to use coconut milk when you are pressure cooking so you will not see awkward coconut oil floating on top of your homemade meal when you are done cooking.

Instant Pot Chicken Paprikash

chicken paprikash

photo credit: HappyFoodsTube

Chicken paprikash is actually a Hungarian dish made from chicken and lots of paprika.

You will also need chicken stock, heavy cream, sour cream, olive oil, and the usual spices to taste.

This unique Hungarian dish can be done in 23 minutes with your electric pressure cooker saving much of your time. It is best served with rice, pasta, mashed potato, salad, it is your choice.

You can check out this recipe here.


There is our listing of the best pressure cooker chicken recipes that you can cook from home with your savior pressure cooker machine. We understand that cooking good food for people who matter in our lives brings us much happiness and with your pressure cooker, cooking food will never be a sacrifice.

It can be done with ease and in the shortest time. The best pressure cooker chicken recipes that we have here are worth adding to your daily meal plan because simply this listing is the best there is.

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