Our Easy Recipe For Pasta Sauce With Fresh Tomatoes

Our vegetable garden did really well this summer with an abundance of fresh tomatoes. So what better way of using them, besides in salads and sandwiches, to make our incredible easy recipe for pasta sauce with fresh tomatoes.

It is a quick recipe full of flavor with a taste of summer.

I always double the recipe and keep a few batches in the freezer. This fresh pasta sauce can also be used for lasagna, pizza, or even a hearty beef stew.

ingredients for pasta sauce with fresh tomatoes
our main ingredients

The most time-consuming part is prepping aka chopping our main ingredients.

The bell pepper/capsicum (you can use any color you like), the onion, and of course the tomatoes.

Once it’s done, let it simmer away on the stove for around 20 minutes.

I do love to use a stick blender to make the pasta sauce with fresh tomatoes nice and thick but still a bit chunky.

pasta sauce with fresh tomatoes
it looks and smells delicious

You can serve this tomato sauce with any pasta you like: spaghetti, penne, fettuccine, dried, or fresh pasta.

In this recipe, I used fresh egg fettuccine. Just make sure you stick to the cooking time.

I slightly undercook the pasta because I like to heat the pasta up with the fresh tomato sauce.

fresh fettuccine

That way, the pasta can absorb all the yummy flavors from the sauce.

Simply heat the sauce and pasta together in a skillet until the pasta is al dente.

This is also a good time to add more seasoning if necessary.

heat up pasta in the sauce

Serve our simple and delicious pasta dish with freshly grated parmesan (heaps of it) garnished with fresh basil.

That is what summer tastes like for me, fresh, a little bit spicy, with a hint of garlic.

Enjoy with a chilled glass of white wine and a fresh garden salad on the side.

My family and I also like to eat this simple pasta dish with our crispy fried eggplant. It is truly a delicious combination.

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pasta dish garnished with basil

Recipe For Pasta Sauce With Fresh Tomatoes

I do hope you will love this easy and delicious pasta sauce recipe made with fresh tomatoes. s I have mentioned earlier, I always double the recipe and keep some batches of sauce in the freezer.

You can not only use it with pasta but also for lasagna, pizza, as an extra addition to stews, or even jazz it up as BBQ sauce (with some extra ingredients of course).

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Without further ado, let’s get to the recipe.

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