Homemade Maori Fry Bread Recipe

Imagine coming home to the smell of crispy brown pillows of goodness. That is what I call my scrumptious homemade Maori fry bread that makes everyone in my family happy.

And when my kids bring their friends home, they can’t believe their luck when I say that I’ve made fry bread. Yippee!

Now today is the day you will learn how to make this delicious snack.

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All you need is flour, yeast, a bit of sugar, milk, and water, as well as a large saucepan with plenty of neutral-tasting oil for deep frying.

I’ve learned the recipe when I visited a Marae, a Maori meeting house in my now homeland New Zealand.

Maori fry bread is being served always when there are occasions at Maraes, whether it is a wedding, a funeral, a meeting, or other events.

You can eat these scrumptious little treats with jam, golden syrup, honey or with savory toppings like ham, pulled, pork, or seafood.

Homemade Maori fry bread tastes great with everything.

I make my fry bread with yeast dough which takes a bit longer to prepare. Others make their fry bread with baking powder.

But I think that nothing beats fry bread made with yeast. It is worth your wait.

Homemade Maori Fry Bread

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